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Free League’s Highly Anticipated Dragonbane RPG to be Translated into Seven Languages

Free League’s Highly Anticipated Dragonbane RPG to be Translated into Seven Languages

Free League, the publisher known for bringing immersive tabletop RPG experiences, announced today that their upcoming fantasy title, Dragonbane, will be translated into six additional languages ahead of its official release this fall.

Already touted as one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2023 by EN World, Dragonbane is the latest edition of Drakar och Demoner, Sweden’s first and largest tabletop RPG. Originally set for release in English, the game will now also be available in German (through Uhrwerk Verlag), French (Arkhane Asylum), Italian (Need Games), Spanish (Devir Games), Norwegian (Aegir Games), and Danish (Faraos Cigarer).

The announcement comes amidst rising global interest in the game, even before its official launch. Pre-orders for Dragonbane are already live on the official website, with immediate access to the complete PDF package before the physical boxed edition’s release. The game is also available at DrivethruRPG, with a complimentary 48-page Quickstart PDF guide for players eager to delve into the Dragonbane world.

Dragonbane is engineered to offer fast-paced gameplay with minimal preparation time. The game master’s task of running adventures is simplified, making the game highly accessible and engaging for both newcomers and seasoned RPG enthusiasts.

The game also strikes a balance between humor and high-stakes challenges, offering a unique tabletop experience. Reviews from DrivethruRPG highlight Dragonbane’s appeal to a broad range of players:

“After playtesting Dragonbane extensively over the last two months, I think this might be the best game to teach new players how to play in an RPG I have ever come across.”

“This most certainly makes me not even want to look back at D&D 5e! It is exactly what I want a fantasy system to be, and is great for both one shots and long campaigns.”