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Introducing Frameamajigs: Collectable Card Frames to Showcase Your Cards

Introducing Frameamajigs: Collectable Card Frames to Showcase Your Cards

A creative solution for displaying collectible cards, Frameamajigs by Thingamajigs, has launched on Kickstarter. Designed to accommodate various card collections, including Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Lorcana, sports, anime, and more, the innovative frames have already surpassed their initial funding goal, with a strong response from backers.

Frameamajigs has raised US$20,170 from 256 backers, doubling their original goal of US$10,000, and the campaign still has 29 days to go before it ends on June 29.

The product is a set of premium wooden frames with a unique design that allows collectors to showcase their cards while providing easy access for swapping. Unlike traditional frames, the Frameamajig allows both sides of the card to be visible, emphasizing the unique design and craftsmanship that often goes into the creation of collectible cards. The frame also includes a 35 pt Magnetic Case with UV protection to ensure the cards remain in pristine condition.

Despite their adaptability, the creators note that the frames are only compatible with 35pt One Touch magnetic cases, excluding PSA or BSG graded card cases.

The innovative design was recently featured at Gallery Nucleus for the Magic: The Gathering in Miniature artist proof show. The event allowed the creators to showcase their unique frames alongside 150 art proofs, introducing their product to a broader audience of enthusiasts and collectors.