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Zombicide: White Death Introduces Winter-Themed Setting and New Mechanics

Zombicide: White Death Introduces Winter-Themed Setting and New Mechanics

The highly anticipated release of Zombicide: White Death has gamers around the world excited for the latest installment in the popular Zombicide Fantasy line. The game’s designers recently provided a sneak peek into the frozen landscape of Wintergrad, the new setting for the game.

Nicolas Raoult, one of the game’s designers, explained that while the team wanted to stay true to what players love about the Zombicide Fantasy universe, they also wanted to introduce new characters, mechanics, and parts of the world. Enter White Death, a game that takes players far from the sunny towns of previous games and into the cold, besieged city of Wintergrad.

In this new land, players will encounter intelligent humanoid-animal-hybrid species like Lorna, from the mystical canine people called Kenshan, and Ogon, one of the Khanra, the cat people. These new characters do not come with any special rules but add a cool new dimension to the game.

Survivors in Zombicide: White Death cannot flee the city as it is surrounded by zombies. Instead, they must resist, creating a different take on the Zombicide theme. The snow-covered urban area has medieval ramparts that divide the board into several areas with corresponding special rules. The huge walls prevent free passage for both survivors and zombies, but players can climb the ramparts using stairs or rope ladders.

Zombies, being mindless, cannot use rope ladders and must use stairs to climb to the top of the ramparts. Occasionally, a special “Zombie Siege!” card will allow zombies to cross the ramparts in a fit of rage. However, zombies on Battlement Walkways can harmlessly fall, allowing players to escape.

Survivors also have new tricks up their sleeves, including the ability to find cauldrons to place on Battlement Walkways and throw hot tar at zombies below, eliminating them all. Being in a winter-themed environment comes with perks as well, with the new Freeze mechanic allowing survivors to temporarily immobilize zombies.

Zombicide: White Death is coming soon to Kickstarter.