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The Far Roofs” Achieves Kickstarter Success

The Far Roofs” Achieves Kickstarter Success

A new tabletop roleplaying game titled “The Far Roofs” has successfully surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter, reaching US$ 37,190 of its initial US$ 25,000 target. The campaign, which is set to conclude on April 2, has attracted 617 backers with 28 days left. This funding will support the final production stages of a 220-page game book, encompassing core rules, an elaborate setting, and an extensive campaign.

Set in a universe where talking rats and mystical entities known as Mysteries inhabit the rooftops of a city and its fantastical extensions, “The Far Roofs” invites players to engage in adventures filled with wonder and peril. The game is the latest project by Jenna Moran, whose previous works include “Nobilis” and “Glitch: A Story of the Not,” among others.

The narrative focuses on the Fortitude rats, characterized by their newfound consciousness and heroism. Players venture into hidden magical landscapes by moving upward, discovering a realm where reality and fantasy intertwine.

“The Far Roofs” introduces an original role-playing system that utilizes pens or pencils, paper, six-sided and ten-sided dice, playing cards, and a bag of letter tiles for gameplay. Mechanics are designed to resolve immediate actions through dice rolls and broader challenges through the creative use of letter tiles and cards. The game’s campaign promises to take characters on a transformative journey, encountering mythical creatures and divine entities.

The game emphasizes narrative depth and emotional engagement, encouraging players to adopt personas that reflect their own or imaginative versions thereof. With over 150 narrative-focused powers, the game offers various ways for players to influence the story and their characters’ development.

Accompanied by illustrations from Jenn Manley Lee and Isip Xin, the Kickstarter campaign for “The Far Roofs” also features add-ons such as print-on-demand vouchers and digital and physical copies of Moran’s “Glitch: A Story of the Not.” Additionally, backers have the option to obtain extra copies of the limited edition game book and other digital rewards.