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Enchanted Emporiums Hits Kickstarter: A New Chapter in 5E Magic Item Trading and Crafting

Enchanted Emporiums Hits Kickstarter: A New Chapter in 5E Magic Item Trading and Crafting

A new Kickstarter campaign titled “Wanderer’s Guide to Enchanted Emporiums” has surpassed its initial Kickstarter goal within days of launch. The 5E sourcebook promises to be a game-changer for players and Dungeon Masters alike, offering an array of features designed to make magic items more fun, accessible, and integral to storytelling.

The campaign has already attracted significant attention, raking in $20,750—nearly four times its original target of $5,341—with 334 backers and still 31 days to go before the campaign ends on October 20.

Wanderer’s Guide to Enchanted Emporiums is a 200-page compendium aiming to solve the often tedious task Dungeon Masters face when creating shops, marketplaces, and rules for magic items. The sourcebook includes:

  • Epic Marketplaces: Ready-to-drop thematic marketplaces such as Waguff’s Wandering Warehouse of Wonders and the elusive Mirage Bazaar.
  • Merchants: Over 25 pre-made magic merchant NPCs complete with vibrant art, backgrounds, and fully-stocked inventories of magic items.
  • Magic Items: The book adds over 80 new magic items of varying types and rarities, each beautifully illustrated.
  • Enchanting Rules: A comprehensive system for crafting and upgrading magic items.
  • Character Options: New subclasses and feats inspired by the thematic marketplaces in the guide.

Those who pledge within the first 48 hours will also receive the Adventure Pack IV, which includes two 5E adventures—Moonlight’s Shadow and Roots of Evil.

It’s not just Dungeon Masters who benefit from this tome. Players can also look forward to enriching their characters with new subclasses and feats. The sourcebook offers character options like the Domain of Balance and the Mirage Sorcery Bloodline, providing new dimensions of play.

A Sequel to a Best-Seller

This is not the first venture from the team behind Wanderer’s Guide. Their previous title, Merchants & Magic, was a beloved best-seller, having sold nearly 10,000 copies and received nothing but 5-star reviews. While both books stand alone, Enchanted Emporiums expands on the features that made the first book a hit, bringing in more magic merchants, an expanded price list for magic items, and refined rules for buying and selling these enchanted wares.