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Scoundrels in the Spike Adventure For Starfinder on Alexa Updated

Scoundrels in the Spike Adventure For Starfinder on Alexa Updated

Stuck at home? Want to get in some RP gaming but can’t? Well, if you’ve got an Amazon Alexa, you can get some Starfinder gaming in right now. And, as a bonus, Paizo’s updated the Scoundrels in the Spike adventure for the system as well. So, even if you’ve played it before, there’s some new stuff for you if you want to give it another go.

From the website:

If you’ve been following the ground-breaking arrival of Starfinder on Amazon Alexa, I have some exciting news—earlier this month, a meatier, shinier version of “Scoundrels in the Spike”, my adventure adapted for Alexa’s voice game—was released to the entire world!

You can now play through the game on Amazon’s cloud-based voice service as two additional player characters, Obozaya, the reptilian vesk soldier and Keskodai, the bug-like shirren mystic.

Those of you familiar with Obozaya will find that she’s just as tough, honorable, and devastating in close-quarters combat in the voice game as she is in the tabletop RPG. Those who fancy Keskodai will find that he’s a wise healer who still absolutely revels in meeting new people and gaining new experiences. Obozaya and Keskodai join the existing cast of player characters: Navasi, the human envoy; Quig, the ysoki mechanic; and Iseph, the android operative. Raia, the witty and curious lashunta technomancer, is available to join players as an adventuring buddy.

The pilot episode also now includes a streamlined introduction, which cuts down the time it takes to get straight into the science-fantasy action. Plus, more achievements! The re-released pilots includes a few more, bringing the total to 12. I won’t spoil them for you, but fewer than 1% of players have unlocked the “skitter hater” award.