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Enchanting Forest Adventure: ‘The Glade’ is on Kickstarter Now

Enchanting Forest Adventure: ‘The Glade’ is on Kickstarter Now

‘The Glade,’ a charming and challenging tile-laying game developed by R & D Games, has already surpassed its initial goal on Kickstarter of $12,713, raking in $23,041 pledged from 272 backers. The campaign still has 15 days to go, ending on July 10, offering plenty of time for interested backers to hop on board and explore the forest.

Set in a lush forest during the summertime, ‘The Glade’ offers players the chance to fill their personal forest board with sets of forest tiles. These tiles, played from the player’s tile rack, feature charming depictions of creatures, leaves, and forest fruits. The goal is to create sets of these tiles, allowing players to place one of their toadstool counters onto the central glade board or add a toadstool to their store.

In addition to building sets, players can claim toadstool counters from the glade for their store by playing matching forest tiles. They can then play these toadstool counters into enclosures in their forest, creating extra actions and strategies to employ during the game.

The forest’s tranquility is broken either when one player has successfully played all twelve of their toadstool counters, or when all the forest tiles have been drawn from the bag. At this point, the player with the most points is crowned the winner, their skill in navigating the glade and managing their forest rewarded.

‘The Glade’ offers more than just a single experience. After players have become acquainted with the basic game, they can then progress to the ‘matching’ game. In this version, players match their forest tiles to the creatures, leaves, or forest fruits on their forest board, adding another layer of depth and strategy to the gameplay.