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Steamforged Previews Dark Souls RPG

Steamforged Previews Dark Souls RPG

Dark Souls fans will soon have a new way to… well… probably end up dead, if the series is anything to generally go on. Steamforged is working on a Dark Souls RPG and we get a look at the cover and just a few bits of info about it in this preview.

From the website:

Take a seat by the bonfire and listen closely, Unkindled. We have glad tidings about the upcoming DARK SOULS™ tabletop roleplaying game — including the first look at the cover:

Everything you need to create unforgettable, punishing roleplaying campaigns will be contained within the DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game core book.

This lavishly illustrated, hardback book features a complete, 5e-compatible ruleset enriched with signature DARK SOULS™ mechanics inspired by the video games. 

Prepare for bespoke character classes, a brand new magic system, and a bestiary teeming with terrifying creatures…