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“Bards vs Humility” Merges Comedy with Fantasy in New Party Game

“Bards vs Humility” Merges Comedy with Fantasy in New Party Game

A Unique Blend of Card Game and Role-Playing Adventure

“Bards vs Humility: A Party Game for Spicy Bards,” a new card game that combines the hilarity of adult party games with the adventure of tabletop RPGs, has launched a successful Kickstarter campaign. With 21 days left, the game has already surpassed its funding goal, reaching over $34,000 with the support of 702 backers.

A Game of Wit and Strategy

Designed for 4-6 players, “Bards vs Humility” offers two distinct modes of play:

  1. Quick Mode: A fast-paced game akin to “Cards Against Humanity,” where players use Setup and Punchline cards to create jokes. Points are awarded for the best joke, with the first to 10 points winning.
  2. Dungeon Mode: This mode transforms the game into a dungeon-crawler. Players explore a dynamic dungeon, battling monsters with their wits by making jokes. The game transitions from cooperative to competitive, with players facing monsters, traps, and each other.

Unique Gameplay Mechanics

  • Bard Cards: Players assume the role of a bard, each with unique abilities like seducing monsters or stealing points.
  • Dungeon Cards: The dungeon layout is built during the game, filled with challenging monsters and encounters.
  • Loot Cards: These cards offer strategic advantages, humorous items, and iconic spells for both combat and player-versus-player action.

Not Just for Laughs: NSFW Monsters and 5E Add-On

The game also features NSFW monsters, adding a risqué twist to the traditional fantasy creatures. Additionally, a PDF add-on for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition players includes 5 monsters from the game adapted to 5e mechanics, bringing the humor of “Bards vs Humility” to classic RPG sessions.