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“Adventures in the Household” Ignites Kickstarter with Tiny yet Grand RPG Adventures

“Adventures in the Household” Ignites Kickstarter with Tiny yet Grand RPG Adventures

The Kickstarter campaign for “Adventures in the Household,” a new supplement for the 5E role-playing game system, has successfully exceeded its funding goal, securing $53,406 against an initial target of $10,869, with 420 backers contributing. The campaign is set to conclude on April 4, indicating strong interest with 15 days left for additional support.

Developed by the team recognized with an ENNIE Award for previous works “Household” and “Outgunned,” this project introduces players to a diminutive setting within an abandoned house. The narrative is set a century after the disappearance of the house’s owner, offering a regency-era backdrop for what the creators describe as “grand-tiny adventures.”

The game builds on the foundation of “Household,” a game that received nominations for Product of the Year and Best Production Value at the 2023 ENNIE Awards. The conversion to the 5E system was undertaken by Riccardo Sirignano and Simone Formicola, who have previously collaborated on various projects, with Daniela Giubellini providing illustrations.

“Adventures in the Household” invites players to explore the lives of Littlings, creatures inspired by European folklore, through the game’s Core Rulebook. This book introduces four types of Little Folk and six professions, each with unique abilities and thematic connections to the game’s world.

The setting described in the Core Rulebook is expansive, with the House itself serving as a character filled with lore, potential allies, adversaries, and myriad quests. The initial offering includes descriptions of five primary rooms, with additional content available in supplemental guides that expand the lore and introduce new character options.

The Kickstarter campaign offers various rewards, including hardcover books with a soft-touch finish, a deluxe bookcase, polyhedral dice, a narrator screen, a map of the House, and a set of 24 littling figures. These rewards aim to enhance the gaming experience, providing tangible elements to bring the game’s world to life.

For those interested in exploring “Adventures in the Household” before the campaign concludes, a free 100-page Quickstart Guide is available for download, providing an introduction to the game’s mechanics and setting.