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Privateer Press Unveils New Terrain Feature: Bunkers!

Privateer Press Unveils New Terrain Feature: Bunkers!

Privateer Press has announced the release of their latest terrain feature, the Bunker. This new building is a squat fortress that provides cover and elevation for models occupying its top floor, while also offering a nearly impervious interior that can accommodate up to a medium-based unit, insulating them against blast damage and preventing them from being targeted by anything.

The Bunker is a versatile terrain feature that can be used in scenarios as a sub for a hill, building or even as an objective. Privateer Press has also noted that there are opportunities for modularity, with two horseshoes being able to be combined to create a larger Bunker or two anterior boxes put together to make a small freestanding building.

Privateer Press has embraced the digital publication of WARMACHINE, as it allows them to make updates to rules in an efficient and timely manner. Early feedback on the previously released Guard Tower has led to adjustments and clarifications in its rules, which have helped to refine the rules around the new Bunker.

The Bunker has ARM 20 and 50 damage boxes and is a building terrain feature. It has the special rule of being a Habitable Bunker, which allows small- and medium-based units and solos to enter the building through a door on the lower level. The top floor of the building is considered elevated terrain, and models occupying the lower level of the bunker cannot be targeted and do not suffer blast damage.

Terrain features will be selectable as cards in the app when you start a match in about two weeks, while the core rules available in the app as well as the online PDF will be updated soon to reflect the changes. Bunkers and any orders that include Bunkers will start shipping in two weeks, and Privateer Press is offering a two-fer discount during the pre-order period, as well as bringing back the discount on purchasing two guard towers at the same time.