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Chaosium Inc. Announces Hardback Release of Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine in October

Chaosium Inc. Announces Hardback Release of Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine in October

Chaosium Inc. has announced the hardback release of “Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine” for this October.

“Basic Roleplaying” (BRP) is a comprehensive set of core rules that power various tabletop roleplaying games such as Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Pendragon, and Rivers of London, among others. This system is well-loved among new and veteran role-players alike for its adaptability to various game settings and genres, as well as its robust but easy-to-understand mechanics.

The “Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine” book, authored by Jason Durall and Steve Perrin, serves as the complete guide to the BRP system. It contains not only the core system rules but also comprehensive sections on character creation, advancement, monsters, and antagonists. The guide also includes valuable advice for GameMasters.

BRP’s strength lies in its straightforward core mechanic – a single roll of a D100, or a hundred-sided die. Success or failure depends on whether the roll is under the target number relevant to the Skill, Characteristic, Ability, or Power in question.

The BRP system also allows for natural character growth. Characters develop based on the skills they employ in-game, creating an immersive and dynamic experience for players. The BRP combat system, while deadly and tactical, maintains an easy-to-learn and teach format, allowing for thrilling, high-octane sessions.

The forthcoming hardback edition of “Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine” boasts a full-color interior and cover art by Loïc Muzy, with additional interior art contributions from an array of talented artists.

Notably, BRP’s Universal Game Engine operates under the Open RPG Creative license (ORC license), making it royalty-free for personal and commercial use. This facilitates game creators to use these rules, letting them concentrate on creating unique worlds, scenarios, and even books for sale.

“Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine” is currently available in PDF format at and DriveThruRPG. Purchasing the PDF from Chaosium’s website allows buyers to deduct the cost of the PDF when purchasing the physical book. The hardback edition, priced at $49.99, also includes a PDF when purchased directly from