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Green Ronin Publishing Announces Wave of New Content for Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition

Green Ronin Publishing Announces Wave of New Content for Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition

Green Ronin Publishing has announced that Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition is set to receive a wave of new content, including adventures, a five-part adventure series, a bestiary, and a nautical-themed campaign setting. With many fans of the game calling for more setting and adventure support, Green Ronin has responded to the call, promising to deliver plenty of material to keep campaigns alive and fresh.

Among the upcoming releases are three new adventures that are designed to be part of the Breakwater Bay setting from the core rulebook. These adventures will provide plenty of horror and intrigue, and will also be well suited for introducing the new Horror rules. Additionally, the Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition Quickstart and the Fantasy AGE Game Master’s Kit will feature adventures written by the renowned Steve Kenson.

The Lost Isle of the Pirate Queen is a five-part adventure series that is set to take characters from Breakwater Bay all the way to 11th or 12th level, and is packed with adventure, horror, and whimsy. The series is also easy to modify to suit a group’s style and provides a lot of additional background and setting material for Kassa Isle.

The upcoming bestiary, Adversaries & Encounters, is a massive tome that will feature monsters and other adversaries, both old and new. Each monster will have story hooks, and the book will include over a dozen encounters for monsters from Adversaries and the core rulebook, with each encounter featuring a map designed to be inserted into an existing adventure.

Finally, Stranger Shores is an upcoming book that is expected to be released in 2024, and is set to provide a nautical-themed campaign setting for Fantasy AGE. It will include details on new islands and continents, with expanded rules for seafaring campaigns, allowing players to live their pirate dreams.

While release dates for these new products are still unknown, Green Ronin assures fans that they are working hard to get them out as quickly as possible, despite shipping and printing issues that have affected the industry. Fantasy AGE fans can look forward to plenty of new content and adventures, providing them with new opportunities to set sail for adventure.



Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

Pardon the mixed idioms, but WotC killed the goose that laid golden eggs, and other companies are smelling blood in the water.

...which is a good thing. The OGL has made things stale, I think.