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Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game Set to Hit Shelves in August

Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game Set to Hit Shelves in August

In the depths of the oldest mountains in the world, horrors of unimaginable malice and madness are stirring. Monte Cook Games has announced the upcoming release of “Old Gods of Appalachia,” a new tabletop roleplaying game based on the award-winning fiction podcast of the same name. The game is set for an early August release with pre-orders currently open.

Set in an alternate 1920s and 30s Appalachia, “Old Gods of Appalachia” is a complete standalone TTRPG powered by the acclaimed Cypher System. The game promises an intimate, atmospheric take on cosmic horror that remains faithful to the lore and narrative of its original podcast source.

This tale of terror unfolds in Central Appalachia where ancient gods have slumbered beneath the mountains for millennia. As the once towering mountains now lay bare and worn, the prison walls of these old gods have thinned, and their stirring has begun. In this grim setting, players must protect what matters from various supernatural threats, including the ravenous creatures of the Inner Dark, the sinister Hollow Men, and unearthed beasts from the dark depths, all while seeking to know the unknowable.

The core rulebook, a 418-page hardcover or PDF guide written by Shanna Germain, includes complete rules for the fluid, story-based tabletop roleplaying experience, an intuitive character generation system, a richly detailed setting, and two complete adventures to launch a campaign. The rulebook is priced at $69.99 for the hardcover edition and $22.99 for the PDF.

Alongside the core rulebook, the Old Gods of Appalachia Player’s Guide will also be made available. This 32-page softcover or PDF supplement provides players with a detailed overview of the setting and key game rules, character creation guidance, and six pre-generated characters to allow for immediate play. The Player’s Guide is priced at $19.99 for the softcover edition and $7.99 for the PDF. Note that every group will need at least one core rulebook to play the game; the Player’s Guide alone is insufficient.

Pre-orders are now open, and the game will ship a couple of weeks before its street release date. The eerie and atmospheric world of the hit Old Gods of Appalachia horror podcast awaits those brave enough to step into the role of a protector of the heartland. With countless tales of horror, hardship, and heart ready to unfold, this immersive narrative setting offers a unique roleplaying experience for fans of cosmic horror and alternate history settings.