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Mantic Unleashes The Abyssal Dwarf Fleet on the Seas of Pannithor

Mantic Unleashes The Abyssal Dwarf Fleet on the Seas of Pannithor

In a recent announcement, Mantic revealed the emergence of the Abyssal Dwarfs on the treacherous seas of Pannithor. With ships forged from both bizarre technology and twisted flesh, the fleet is set to dominate and instill terror into the hearts of those who traverse these waters.

Martin Thirlwell, in his note to the gaming community, described the Abyssal Dwarf fleet as a terror that blankets the sea with a dense, choking black smoke from its towering funnels. The might of their cursed cannons, combined with their malevolent intentions, presents a grim challenge to seafarers.

As Mantic gears up for its campaign in September, this latest addition to Armada is now ready to set sail. The Abyssal Dwarf ships exemplify a fusion of peculiar technology and tortured flesh, all crafted to manifest their dominance over the seas of Pannithor.

What’s Available in the Abyssal Dwarf Fleet?

  1. Abyssal Dwarf Starter Fleet: Comprising the Angkor-Class Warship, Infernox-Class Warship, and the Katsuchan Bombard, this fleet originates from the blackened shipyards of the Abyssal Dwarfs in Tragar. The package also includes necessary cards and bases for the miniatures.
  2. Abyssal Dwarf Booster Fleet: This fleet brings forth a Decimator Support Ship, another Angkor-Class Warship, and two Blacksoul Frigates. Designed to provide increased tactical flexibility, these ships are both a testament to the Abyssal Dwarfs’ crafting skills and a dark force on the waves.
  3. Abyssal Dwarf Hellfane Battleship: The Abyssal Dwarfs’ answer to their Imperial cousins’ Dreadnoughts, this ship is a testament to their engineering prowess and dark intent. The kit contains the Hellfane-Class Battleship and parts to build ‘The Arbiter of Pain’ – a vessel known for its deadly ramming attacks.
  4. Abyssal Dwarf Fliers: Complementing the main fleet, the Abyssal Dwarfs’ air support consists of a Gargoyle Swarm and a Gun-Worm – both embodying the eerie fusion of flesh and technology.

Martin concludes by teasing even more details about the upcoming campaign and encouraging the community to share their choices of armies and fleets. As Mantic releases this new, dark force upon Pannithor’s seas, one can only wonder who or what will rise to confront the Abyssal Dwarf menace.