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Modiphius Entertainment Showcases Stellar Releases at Gen Con

Modiphius Entertainment Showcases Stellar Releases at Gen Con

Modiphius Entertainment made quite a splash at this year’s Gen Con, unveiling a treasure trove of exhilarating games, with the Star Trek universe taking center stage alongside their intriguing, original IP, Dreams and Machines.

Two distinct Star Trek Adventures products set their coordinates for new horizons, while the all-new transmedia IP, Dreams and Machines, made a groundbreaking debut. Fans of the brand are in for a treat with these latest offerings now available for purchase:

Dreams and Machines: Charting a course to Evera Prime, an outpost isolated from Earth and ravaged by a conflict with the mech monstrosities called Wakers, this new IP from Modiphius founder Chris Birch blends adventure and post-apocalyptic survival. With a corrupted AI known as the Builder lurking in the shadows, players face bio-engineered creatures, hunt for lost technologies, and clash with remnants of the past in an engrossing narrative. The starter set promises an effortless entry into this universe, employing an updated 2d20 system and a plethora of gaming accessories to enhance the experience.

Star Trek Adventures: Lower Decks Campaign Guide: Delving into the lesser-explored sections of the Starship, this guide adds layers to the Star Trek Adventures RPG. It captures the fun, quirky essence of Star Trek: Lower Decks, providing players with tools to craft stories centered around junior officers. New playable species, advanced tech, and detailed guides on constructing one’s creatures make it an invaluable asset for fans.

Star Trek Adventures: Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game: Perfect for Trekkies, this solo role-playing game lets players pen down their captain’s log as they explore the universe. Offering unique gameplay mechanics with a streamlined version of the award-winning Star Trek Adventures rules, the Captain’s Log caters to solo adventurers and groups alike. It provides extensive options for character and ship creations, ensuring every voyage is truly one-of-a-kind.

This year’s Gen Con has reinforced Modiphius Entertainment’s position as a creative powerhouse in the world of tabletop gaming. The blend of classic, beloved universes and original, innovative IPs promises hours of immersive storytelling and challenges for players around the world. Beam us up, Modiphius!