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Pathfinder Remastered Unveils Stunning Sketch Covers at GAMA EXPO 2023

Pathfinder Remastered Unveils Stunning Sketch Covers at GAMA EXPO 2023

Pathfinder players were excited to get a first look at the upcoming Pathfinder Remastered covers, which were unveiled at the GAMA EXPO trade show yesterday. The sketches of the Pathfinder Player Core and GM Core hardcovers were revealed by Paizo publisher Erik Mona to a crowd of hobby game retailers and distributors.

The covers, which were illustrated by renowned Pathfinder cover artist Wayne Reynolds, were met with rave reviews from those in attendance. Reynolds is widely recognized as one of the most important contributors to Pathfinder, having worked on the game since its inception.

The sketches were a highlight for the creative staff at Paizo, who gathered around to marvel at Reynolds’ intricate designs and clever details. In fact, the team was so excited about the sketches that they decided to share them with the world.

In addition to the standard painted covers for the Pathfinder Player Core and GM Core, Paizo will be offering unique Sketch Cover editions of the rulebooks as part of the Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Project. These special editions will be available exclusively at hobby retailers worldwide for the first four months after release, and will not be offered to online or bookstore retailers. After the 120-day exclusivity period, a limited number of the special editions will be available for purchase on

The Sketch Cover editions are intended to support local game stores, which have been an integral part of Pathfinder’s success over the years. Paizo urges gamers to communicate their interest in the special books to their local store, so that they can be sure to stock appropriately.

Finally, the covers also debuted a brand new type of official Pathfinder dragon, which will appear in March 2024’s Pathfinder Monster Core. Reynolds developed the dragons from concept art by Paizo’s in-house concept artist, Kent Hamilton. Fans can expect to see more of Hamilton’s preliminary dragon concept designs in the coming weeks.