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Introducing “Heiki Strike Alternative”: A New Tactical Card Game Fusion of WW2 and Anime

Introducing “Heiki Strike Alternative”: A New Tactical Card Game Fusion of WW2 and Anime

Japanime Games is excited to announce their latest addition to the tactical card game scene, “Heiki Strike Alternative.” This innovative two-player game merges strategic depth with high-intensity action, set against a backdrop that combines World War 2 themes with an anime aesthetic.

In “Heiki Strike Alternative,” players are transported to an alternate reality where the events of World War 2 are intertwined with the presence of mysterious entities known as “Heiki” spirits. The game’s universe is populated by “ship girls,” characters inspired by real WW2 vehicles and weaponry, presented with a distinct anime charm. This concept draws inspiration from popular series such as Kantai Collection and Azur Lane, appealing to fans of these genres.

The game is designed to be approachable for beginners, with rules that are straightforward to understand, yet it offers a deep strategic layer for those who wish to explore its complexities. This balance aims to provide a satisfying experience for both new and experienced players, allowing for a variety of deck-building strategies and tactical plays.

“Heiki Strike Alternative” emphasizes quick, engaging gameplay, with matches typically lasting between 30 to 45 minutes. This duration makes the game suitable for competitive play, including tournaments at local game stores, without demanding a large time commitment from participants.


Wednesday 20th of March 2024

This game was in crowdfunding 3 years ago and fulfilled in 2022. Why did it take you 2-3 years to post this article, lol