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Steve Jackson Games Launches New Releases and Reprints Classic Favorites

Steve Jackson Games Launches New Releases and Reprints Classic Favorites

Steve Jackson Games has recently released a slate of new products and reprints.

Among the new releases is “Munchkin Druids,” the latest 112-card expansion for the popular Munchkin game series. This set introduces the Druid class and a variety of nature-themed monsters and weapons. Munchkin Druids has been shipped as of May 15 and retails at $19.95.

Moreover, the “Munchkin Deathly Pail,” a mini-expansion with 30 new cards, is also now available. Released on May 1, this extension adds more monsters, treasures, and postmortem fun to any Munchkin game at the cost of $10.95.

In addition to the new releases, Steve Jackson Games has reprinted several beloved Munchkin games, including the “Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin Complete Edition,” “Munchkin Zombies Deluxe,” “Munchkin Crazy Cooks,” “Munchkin Tails of the Season,” “Munchkin Curses,” and “Munchkin Warhammer 40,000.” All these editions have been shipped as of May 11.

For non-Munchkin game lovers, the company has also reprinted “Bullet Dice,” a set of six double-injection bullet-shaped dice, and the “Outdoor Encounter Cards,” a deck of 53 cards for gamemasters to use when in need of a random encounter. Both were shipped on May 11.

“Knightmare Chess Variants and Optional Rules,” a 32-page color booklet released on May 1, is another exciting reprint. It expands upon the classic chess experience, offering players new and delightful ways to enjoy the game.

Lastly, an intriguing new release from April 27, “GURPS Renaissance Venice: Merchants of Venice,” is a 30-page PDF supplement for the GURPS Hot Spots: Renaissance Venice. It offers a detailed look into the commerce of the wealthiest city in Europe during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

With this extensive selection of new releases and reprints, Steve Jackson Games continues to offer exciting additions and beloved classics to board game enthusiasts.