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New Heroes of the Grid Pre-orders Available From Renegade Game Studios

New Heroes of the Grid Pre-orders Available From Renegade Game Studios

*shredding guitar plays while color-coded explosions go off in the background* Yes, it’s more Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid for you. Renegade Game Studios has some new sets available to pre-order. And you get bonus cards with pre-orders, so why not head over and put your name down on the list?

From the article:

Venjix is here! This sentient virus, and his lieutenant Tenaya 7, laid waste to Corinth before his eventual defeat… or so we thought. For a time he lay dormant, before rising once more as Evox, a powerful Avatar entity who threatened the world of the Beast Morphers Rangers — including newcomers Nate Silva and Steel!

This expansion introduces five new playable characters! Many universes are connected by the Morphin Grid, and these five heroes are paragons of knowledge and skill.

Enter battle as Udonna, the Mystic Force White Ranger, with her mastery of ice-cold magic; Delphine, the swift and skillful leader of the Alien Rangers of Aquitar; Kendall Morgan, a brilliant scientist and the Dino Charge Purple Ranger; and Karone, the Galaxy Pink Ranger, formerly the villain Astronema, who comes armed with the Lights of Orion.

At the head of this group of Rangers is none other than Doctor K, the creator of the Ranger Operator Series and the lead scientist at the domed city of Corinth. Together, these heroes fight to save the Morphin Grid!