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Preorder Now: DC Deck-Building Game: Justice League Dark and Its Expansion

Preorder Now: DC Deck-Building Game: Justice League Dark and Its Expansion

Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced that preorders are now open for “DC Deck-Building Game: Justice League Dark” and its expansion, both set to be released in June 2024. The base game is priced at $49.99, offering players the chance to delve into the mystical side of the DC Universe, taking on the roles of the Justice League Dark members.

This iteration of the DC Deck-Building Game series invites players to embody characters like Wonder Woman, John Constantine, Zatanna, and Doctor Fate, dealing with threats too supernatural for the conventional Super Heroes. The game introduces mechanics that allow players to transform their cards into more powerful forms and seal cards away for endgame scoring. The package includes 215 standard cards, 8 oversized character cards, and additional gameplay components. Early purchases also receive the Jason Blood and Etrigan promo cards, adding a collectible element.

Alongside the base game, Cryptozoic is offering a $19.99 expansion that introduces the Injustice League Dark, adding a new dimension to gameplay. This expansion requires a base game for play and is optimized for the Justice League Dark edition. It includes 53 standard cards, 6 oversized character cards, and introduces new gameplay elements such as Cursed Weakness cards, providing both challenges and advantages to players.

The expansion enriches the game with new characters and strategies, inviting players to experience the game from the perspective of the Injustice League Dark, with new Super Hero Nemesis and Nemesis Reward cards that broaden the scope of gameplay.

Both the base game and its expansion are scheduled for a June 2024 release, expanding the DC Deck-Building Game series with a focus on the darker, mystical elements of the DC Universe. Preorders are available now for those looking to add these new experiences to their collection.