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Dragonbond Quest: A New Cooperative Card Game by Heroes of Terrinoth Creators

Dragonbond Quest: A New Cooperative Card Game by Heroes of Terrinoth Creators

Draco Studios, the largest indie publishing company in Mexico for tabletop games and 3D printing, has announced Dragonbond Quest. This cooperative quest-style card game is brought to you by the minds behind Heroes of Terrinoth and Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, brothers Adam and Brady Sadler.

Set in the breath-taking world of Valerna from the Dragonbond universe, the game allows 1-4 players to engage in epic adventures. Players will gather their teams and step into the roles of Valerna’s great heroes to face fearsome dragons, villainous adversaries, and hordes of savage minions.

The Sadler brothers have designed Dragonbond Quest as an evolution of their popular games, bringing a fresh gaming experience. The game sets itself apart with its modular gameplay, allowing players to create their own unique scenarios by mixing heroes, dragons, quests, enemies, and villains.

One of the notable features of Dragonbond Quest is its focus on movement, with heroes being able to travel between different locations during a quest, a departure from the linear progression found in previous games. Furthermore, the game eliminates player elimination, ensuring everyone continues to play until the end, regardless of individual defeats.

Setup is a breeze compared to its predecessors, with a simple choice of quest, villain, and minions sufficient to get the game started. Players will also appreciate the action-driven turns, which add a strategic element to each player’s moves.

Enemies in the game react to heroes at their location, adding another layer of strategic planning for players. The game also provides thematic objectives for heroes, creating a sense of urgency and purpose that goes beyond just defeating enemies and gathering loot.

Dragonbond Quest introduces Dragonbonding, a unique way for heroes to increase their power over the game. This mechanic allows heroes to bond with dragons, transforming them from adversaries into allies.

The Dragonbond universe, created by Draco Studios, offers a high fantasy setting, brimming with epic adventures, earth-shattering magic, superhuman entities, and, of course, awe-inspiring dragons. The world of Valerna, a place shaped by ‘protogons’—massive creatures of world-altering magic, provides a rich backdrop for players to immerse themselves in.

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