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Knight Models Shows off New Batman Miniature Game Releases

Knight Models Shows off New Batman Miniature Game Releases

The Batman Miniatures Game has recently really taken off down at my LGS. There’s a new league starting up and everyone’s diving in. And it’s obvious why, Knight Models has been working on a lot of cool things and has even more on the horizon. Take a look for yourself.

From the release:

The 10th Anniversary Batman looks scary, menacing and gets his unique dark style from him. Totally Batman. On the other hand, Robin has that fun and mischievous style that he has in the more classic versions. Both stand out for his incredible characteristics, but, in addition, his abilities will also be amazing.

Obviously, they can be included in the Batman crew. Batman as boss and Robin as sidekick. This duo will complement each other perfectly and together they will join forces to defeat Gotham’s villains and restore peace to the city with an extra touch of nostalgia.

At this point you’ve probably all seen the new trailer for riddler and his crew.

Riddler in the new Batman movie is a sadistic, cold man and a criminal mastermind, who excels at mind games, riddles, and manipulations. The game style of this miniature really reflects that. Can you imagine how it is to be the riddler and be in charge of his followers? we’ll give you a glimpse.

A great trap builder with a great ability to escape. A great investigator, and he cannot simply kill his opponents when the situation is most favorable to him, instead preferring to create an intellectual life-or-death challenge that the hero cannot escape.

The “coolest” crew in Gotham also received new members. Nora Fries represents everything that Mr. Freeze has fought for in Gotham City. Now, it is her turn to join her husband with her companions to freeze Gotham City together.

Just look at the unique style of these three miniatures. ice reigns in their attacks and with their traits you can freeze your rival’s miniatures in Mr. Freeze style!

 July has been strong, but in August Knightmodels will continue with the intention of maintaining the level, so stay tuned.