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Abducktion Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Abducktion Board Game Up On Kickstarter

The aliens are here! But they’re not after random people out in the styx. They’re not here for cattle. They’re not here to take over. They want our ducks. Yes… ducks. Didn’t you ever see Courage the Cowardly Dog? Anyway, the aliens are here and they’re wanting ducks. That’s what’s going on in Abducktion, a new board game upon Kickstarter now.

From the article:

Hi! We’re Evan and Josh, the goofy guys behind other successful Kickstarter games like Ransom Notes and Puns of Anarchy.

Abducktion started in a very simple way — we wanted to make a game for grownups (and smart kids) that took only 15-20 minutes to play, just two minutes to explain, but was still strategic and competitive enough to make beating your friends and family still feel really, really good. 

Here’s the premise: Players are all interns on an alien UFO, working for an intergalactic corporation that has one main function: abducting ducks. (For research purposes, duh). But, ducks need to be collected in specific formations, and you’ll have to use spatial logic and cunning to rearrange your ducks before your opponents to win!

The campaign’s over 11x funded with 23 days left to go.