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A Wayfarer’s Tale Roll-and-Write Game Coming to Kickstarter Soon

A Wayfarer’s Tale Roll-and-Write Game Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Bright Light Games has been working on a roll-and-write game called A Wayfarer’s Tale that they look to bring to Kickstarter soon. What makes the game unique? It’s going to be a digital download print-and-play. Sick of all the costs of shipping going up? This will totally bypass all of that.

From the website:

A Wayfarers tale is a Roll ‘n’ Write, digital download that’s due to be launched on Kickstarter in a few weeks time.

A Wayfarer’s Tale is a 1-4 player race to explore uncharted islands, collecting Treasure and avoiding Monsters along the way to score the most points. Turns are taken simultaneously, and there are no rounds in this 30-45 minute Roll ‘n’ Write voyage of discovery.

Instead, players choose from a shared pool of dice each turn, adding 2 dice values together to enlist the services of an intrepid Explorer to help them traverse tricky terrain.

Play continues until a player visits every Town on the island, but true victory is measured in fame and wealth! Your final score in A Wayfarer’s Tale is based on how many Towns you visit, how much Treasure you discover, and how many Monsters you face.