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Deadball: Masters of the Game Promises a Deep Dive into Baseball History – On Kickstarter Now

Deadball: Masters of the Game Promises a Deep Dive into Baseball History – On Kickstarter Now

In what is touted as the most ambitious expansion to date, Deadball: Masters of the Game has launched on Kickstarter, aiming to let players rewrite the annals of baseball. In less than two weeks, the expansion for the bestselling tabletop baseball simulator Deadball: Baseball With Dice has garnered massive support, with 474 backers pledging $10,495, soaring past the modest goal of $500. The campaign will continue until June 29, giving fans 16 more days to contribute.

Created by the team behind the acclaimed Deadball series, Masters of the Game offers a detailed journey through the colorful history of baseball, from its early beginnings to the present day. The expansion introduces an all-new financial system, providing players the chance to master not just the game on the field, but also the intricacies of running a baseball franchise.

The expansion, designed for Deadball’s second edition, boasts an array of features:

  • Eight distinct historical eras for gameplay, including the War Time era, Expansion Era, Steroid Era, and the modern day.
  • Optional rules spanning from spitballs and Astroturf to a wartime draft.
  • A novel team finances system to simulate the ups and downs of managing a franchise.
  • Dynamic salary negotiations reflecting free agency and burgeoning league payrolls.
  • Weather and travel rules that vary from era to era.
  • Updated rosters for the Southern Circuit, for both 2023 and 1914.
  • Two new campaigns for the Nine Game Pennant.
  • A suite of digital supplements, including updated Quick Reference guides, a series stat tracker, and spreadsheets for easier league creation.

Fans of the series would appreciate the creator’s attention to detail and commitment to quality. The game has undergone rigorous testing and proofreading. All that’s left is the final push to bring it to the fans.

At its core, Deadball is a one or two-player tabletop baseball simulator that uses real stats to inject life into the game. Launched in 2017 and overhauled last year with its second edition, Deadball is known for its simplicity yet offers depth for hardcore fans. It’s also queer-friendly and gender-inclusive, inviting every type of person onto the Deadball field.

Masters of the Game offers fans the chance to relive classic World Series or recreate favorite seasons. There are also rules for labor negotiation, franchise relocation, and even home run derbys for those who love the thrill of the long ball. The financial simulation allows players to juggle between budgets and salaries, negotiating contracts, scouting prospects, and improving travel accommodations.

Another exciting feature in this expansion is the introduction of custom baseball cards for backers. For a $20 add-on, backers can commission up to two cards, which not only look great but can also be used to play Deadball. The creator is open to any type of player—friends, families, or stars of homebrew leagues, with pictures not limited to baseball or even the backer themselves.