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Longshot City: A New Superhero Tabletop RPG Smashes Kickstarter Goal

Longshot City: A New Superhero Tabletop RPG Smashes Kickstarter Goal

“Longshot City,” a new superhero tabletop RPG on Kickstarter, has not only reached its funding goal of $5,104 but also surpassed it impressively by securing a pledge of $18,711 within just a few days, with a considerable 28 days still remaining in the campaign.

“Longshot City,” a game powered by the TROIKA! system, allows players to delve into an adventure-packed universe where they can live out their superhero fantasies. Participants form a team of superheroes with the mission to deliver justice and fight against world-ending villains in the dangerous town of Longshot City.

A 70-page, lavishly illustrated hardcover book provides the basis for the gameplay. With only this book and a couple of six-sided dice, players can create years’ worth of comic-book adventures.

The game offers an expansive selection of Archetypes and Origins, offering 1,296 possible hero combinations. Players could become anything from a trenchcoat-clad mage who gained their powers after being sucked into a work of fiction, to a parasitic powersuit from outer space. For those whose imaginations know no bounds, guidelines are available for creating additional hero types.

With 36 unique player character archetypes, 36 hero origins, and 24 arch-nemesis, the gameplay possibilities seem endless. Furthermore, the game features three procedural campaign structures, enabling players to start running a superhero game almost immediately.

The game’s unique features include a Conspiracy Board system to track villains, their relationships, plans, and methods, and Escalation rules that set villainous plans in motion. Additionally, the game offers rules for patrolling Longshot City, inventing gadgets, creating vehicles, and establishing hideouts.

All of this can be found inside a robustly constructed book, designed to endure a lifetime of intense gaming sessions.

“Longshot City” promises to be a game that embraces creativity, challenge, and endless fun, enabling players to bring their superhero dreams to life. The Kickstarter campaign runs until July 20.