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River Horse Gears Up to Ship Fraggle Rock – The Card Game

River Horse Gears Up to Ship Fraggle Rock – The Card Game

Fans of the beloved classic TV show, Fraggle Rock, have something new to get excited about this month as River Horse announces the imminent shipping of its latest release – Fraggle Rock: The Card Game.

For those keen to get their hands on this fun-filled game, the window for pre-orders remains open. The game promises a mix of excitement and nostalgia, with two distinct games housed in one vibrant package: “snap” and “Where’s that Fraggle?”

In “snap,” the action is quick and thrilling. Players must keep their eyes peeled for a match between two cards and be the first to exclaim “snap!” to win the round. Designed to be fast-paced and entertaining, “snap” is perfect for players of all ages, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

The second game, “Where’s that Fraggle?,” offers a test of memory. Players must recall the location of a Fraggle and match it with the corresponding card. This game, while ideal for young players, poses an enjoyable challenge for adults too, ensuring that Fraggle Rock: The Card Game caters to all members of the family.

Packaged within a charming tin box, Fraggle Rock: The Card Game includes 54 delightful Fraggle cards and rules for both games. The game’s vibrant artwork and straightforward rules are sure to rekindle cherished memories of the classic TV show and provide hours of engaging entertainment.