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Next week's a pretty big one for Games Workshop, apparently. Sure, this week had that new box set for Age of Sigmar, but next week sees a new Chapter Approved for 40k, a box set for Kill Team, new Nec
I spent much of last week cooking for friends. So, in Necromunda, I'd probably be a Slopper. Though, I hope my friends thought better of my turkey and glazed carrots than just being "slop." This chubb
Quite a lot going on over in the Games Workshop webshop this week. There's <weewoo weewoo weewoo> the new dragons for Age of Sigmar. There's some new figures for 40k. There's Dungeon Bowl. There
This week, the US celebrates Thanksgiving. And that has become what many consider the official beginning to the Holiday season, beginning with Black Friday and everyone having sales. Well, Games Works
Van Saar is in the spotlight this week over at Forge World. The Necromunda gang is getting three new kits. And they're not just little ones, either, but they're sure to make it so Van Saar's the gang
If you've got your Black Templars already on order, you may be wondering what's coming next week. Well, there's some Age of Sigmar and some Necromunda, but it's mostly the Middle-earth Strategy Battle
Keeping your Van Saar goons motivated and in line means having some veterans out there who know what they're doing. Gives the others someone to look up to. You can pick up some new Van Saar Champions
What if you want a pet, but you can't decide between a cat and an iguana? Well, if you're part of House Escher, you don't have to choose. You can have both and get a Khimerix. Get a look at this new b
Warcry's new box set is the biggest pre-order for this week. But there's also two new 40k books, the Red Gobbo, Blood Bowl stuff, and some Necromunda bits. You should head over and check it out. There
Fantasy sports and futuristic gangs. That's the two extremes that Forge World has available for pre-orders this week. Head over and pick up some new Blood Bowl players and Necromunda gangers now.
I don't know. I have mild arachnophobia, but looking at a cyberachnid doesn't give me the same heeby-jeebies that a regular one would. Same goes if I were to spot one in a dark corner of my apartment.
A new book will be making its way to your Necromunda tables soon. It's The Book of the Outcast, and it will bring quite a few new options to your gangs as they seek to control the Underhive. In this p
Not everyone in the underhive fighting in the gang wars is an uncouth savage. House Greim is looking to add some genuine military might to their forces with the addition of a Military Attache. You can
I'm not sure if this should be triggering the Giant Robot Alert or not. And yes, I know it's a suit and not a robot. It's long been established that the alarm goes off for either. This is the Van Saar
The Orruk Warclans got their new Battletome up in the Games Workshop webshop this past weekend. Next weekend, they're getting a bunch of new kits to go along with it. But that's not all, as there's a
"If I have seen further, it's because I stand on the shoulders of giants." I'm... not quite sure this is exactly what Sir Isaac Newton was talking about, but you never know... Games Workshop is showin
So, maybe one doesn't immediately think of military attaches when they think of the gangs vying for power in the Underhive, but House Greim isn't like those uncouth other gangs. Get a look at two new
Games Workshop has new Sisters of Battle and House Delaque pre-releases available to order over in their webshop. So, why is this tagged as a Terrain Corner? Because there's also a big, new, sci-fi te
The Spire is filled with those looking down upon (rather literally) those in the underhive. However, sometimes, these haughty aristocrats head down to carve out a name for themselves there. Lady Credo
The Adeptas Sororitas in 40k are the main crux of the pre-releases coming from Games Workshop next week. They've got several new sets, including a new tank and starter set. But that's not all. There's
There's some new figures coming for House Delaque soon for Necromunda. In this preview, we get a look at them and their cute, little, mechanical wyrm pets. Ok, so maybe they're only cute to House Dela
Water, water, everywhere and if you're going to drink it, it's because the Water Guild lets you. The Necromunda faction is getting a boost this week in Forge World's pre-orders as their new Siphoning
As usual, Games Workshop put up a bunch of stuff for pre-order over in their webshop. What's the new stuff this week? Well, there's the new Adeptas Sororitas book and kits for 40k. There's the new Hou
Games Workshop is following up this last week's big Age of Sigmar pre-release week with a big 40k and Necromunda week. Though, if you're playing Direchasm, there's stuff for you, too. Even some Aerona
It's most a trio of games that's got new pre-orders up over on the Games Workshop website. First off, there's the new Necromunda 2-player starter set. But there's also the new Ork gang for Warhammer U