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Another weekend, another batch of new releases into the pre-order store for Games Workshop. Age of Sigmar has the bulk of it, with two new battletomes and accompanying kits. But 40k has some made-to-o
Looking for a new way to get your gangs stuck in in the Underhive? Games Workshop is here for you. They've posted a new Necromunda scenario for free to download over on their website.
The year of Chaos was last year, but this year's turning out to be pretty chaotic as well. There's a new Beasts of Chaos battletome and kits coming. And is there anything more chaotic than goblins? Th
The Underhive has some new denizens moving in soon. You can head over to Forge World and get your name on the list to get these new Necromunda minis as soon as they're available next week.
I'm not necessarily afraid of bugs, but I'm not really a huge fan of them, either. And, I mean, I've seen some really big ones in my time, but none bigger than me. If I saw that, I'm pretty sure that
We had mostly fantasy and mostly Chaos in this week's pre-orders. Next week, we're balancing that out with mostly 40k and mostly the Imperium of Man. The new Astra Militarum codex comes out for 40k al
I wouldn't say that I'm "scared" of bugs, but I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of them, either. So, seeing one bigger than me running at me would definitely cause a reaction. And that's what you can
And we're getting back into the swing of things here in the New Year. And Games Workshop is starting off with some new pre-orders available in their webshop. You can find some Blood Bowl, Middle-earth
A new pair of gang members are coming to Necromunda soon. Get a look at them in this preview from Games Workshop.
Last week was a bunch of battle boxes for Age of Sigmar. This week, it's 40k's turn. There's also a whole bunch of releases for Necromunda that you can put your name on the list to get right away from
It's time for another Apocrypha Necromunda installment from Games Workshop. You get yourself some lore. You get yourself some rules. And you get yourself a new scenario to try out on your tabletops. H
You're used to seeing rag-tag gangers who have just grabbed whatever they can salvage in the Underhive. But Necromunda is getting some class, fashion sense, and prestige with the release of Lady Haera
Last weekend, it was a bunch of fantasy pre-releases. This weekend, it'll be the sci-fi side of the coin to get stuff. A bunch of pre-releases for 40k and Necromunda are coming to Games Workshop's web
Wars produce casualties. That's just kinda how it goes. But just because you're dead doesn't mean you stop being worth something to your gang in Necromunda. The Corpse Harvesters are there to make sur
Over the weekend, Games Workshop showed off a bunch of what they're working on for 40k, Age of Sigmar, Necromunda, and Warhammer Underworlds. If you missed out on these previews, no worries. They've a
One might not normally think about huge vehicles in Necromunda, but they've been getting a few lately and another is chugging its way over the horizon. It's the Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler and you can
When waging war in the depths of the Hive, there's certain things that'll help you out that you can't exactly get down at the local mega-mart. That's where the Wheeler Dealers come in. Get a look at t
As is their custom, Games Workshop has a new batch of pre-orders available in their webshop. This week's offerings center around Age of Sigmar and The Horus Heresy, but there's some Necromunda thrown
Games Workshop has a monthly article where you get new stuff for Necromunda. This time around, it's got some lore, but it's also got a new scenario for you to try out. Sure, getting gunk might not see
"Do you even lift, bro?" I mean, this guy certainly does. There's some new previews up for Necromunda, including a whole side of beef that you see there in the featured image. He's not skipping abs da
Age of Sigmar gets itself some new boxes as well as the Ogor battletome. There's a new book and miniatures for The Horus Heresy. Necromunda also gets a couple kits. And that's just the beginning for n
Wednesday already? This week is going by quickly. Not a complaint, of course. I'm always ready for a weekend. To help the week continue going by quickly, we should get some energy from a few bite-size
Games Workshop is looking to bring you more free content for Necromunda in their Apocrypha Necromunda series. This time around, there some new rules as well as a new scenario that you can head over an
Two big sci-fi releases for you this weekend from Games Workshop. The new box sets for The Leagues of Votann is in the shop, as well as the new Necromunda book and bike kits. Plus, tons of dice, becau
You only have to wait a short while longer for the Leagues of Votann to hit Games Workshop's webshop (see what I did there?). Next week, their new box set, codex, and other bits and bobs will be avail