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Games Workshop Posts New Necromunda Scenario

Games Workshop Posts New Necromunda Scenario

Looking for a new way to get your gangs stuck in in the Underhive? Games Workshop is here for you. They’ve posted a new Necromunda scenario for free to download over on their website.

From the article:

Our last Apocrypha Necromunda featured Athera, Blade of the Matriarch battling Goliaths at the height of the assault on Cinderak City, and though the fires have since died down there’s no shortage of danger to be found amidst the ruins. A malicious intelligence rises from death and the tendrils of the Warp are at play, while Gorshiv Hammerfist drags the remains of his badly mauled Crushers from the smouldering battleground.

Here’s Owen Barnes from the Necromunda team to talk about this month’s free download – The Daemons of Meridian.