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Plaid Hat Posts Next Summoner Wars Preview

Plaid Hat Posts Next Summoner Wars Preview

The Wayfarers got a pair of their common units previewed, but they’ve got a few more in their upcoming deck for Summoner Wars. Get a look at the Wayward Rogue and Gem Dancer in this preview from Plaid Hat Games.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! Word of Celeste’s band of travelers is making headlines as these new faces are seen across Itharia.

The Wayward Rogue is a sneaky attacker, jabbing diagonally for extra long reach and striking at units your opponent thought would be safe. The Rogues pair exceptionally well with the epic event Coordinate, letting them gain more strength alongside allies, even double-targeting the same enemy. Your opponent will surely want to keep their distance from these combatants!

The Gem Dancers can nimbly reposition the battlefield with their Footwork ability, swapping places with enemy common units when attacking. Use them to kick around bulky commons and expose them to other attackers, or dance your way that much deeper into enemy territory to power up Celeste!

 Tomorrow, we continue our daily Summoner Wars previews with the event suite of the Wayfarers. See you there!