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Fraggle Rock Card Game From River Horse Now Available for Pre-Order

Fraggle Rock Card Game  From River Horse Now Available for Pre-Order

Fans of the beloved 1980s television show, Fraggle Rock, can now pre-order a new card game based on the classic program. The Fraggle Rock card game, developed by River Horse, features two games in one, “snap” and “Where’s that Fraggle?”, and is sure to provide hours of fun for players of all ages.

In “snap,” players must quickly identify a match between two cards and shout “snap!” to score points. Meanwhile, in “Where’s that Fraggle?”, players must use their memory skills to match the location of a Fraggle character with the corresponding card.

The game comes in a cute tin box and includes 54 Fraggle-themed cards, as well as easy-to-learn rules for both games. The colorful artwork is sure to evoke fond memories of the classic TV show for longtime fans, while also providing an entertaining introduction for younger players.

River Horse, the company behind the Fraggle Rock card game, offers a wide selection of other tabletop games, miniatures, and accessories for players of all interests. Whether you’re a Fraggle Rock fan or just looking for a new game to play, River Horse has something for everyone.

Pre-orders for the Fraggle Rock card game are now open, and the game will ship on July 15, 2023. Get ready to pit your skills against friends and family in this fun and nostalgic game that brings the beloved characters of Fraggle Rock to life in a whole new way.