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Unleash Brutal Gang Warfare on the Streets of Rome with Footsore Miniatures & Games’ Gangs of Rome Version 2

Unleash Brutal Gang Warfare on the Streets of Rome with Footsore Miniatures & Games’ Gangs of Rome Version 2

Gangs of Rome, the popular tabletop skirmish game from Footsore Miniatures & Games, is back with a vengeance on Kickstarter! With 12 days left to go, the campaign has already raised over £45,000 from a goal of £12,000. This exciting new version 2 of the game features a brand new A4 rulebook, advanced and campaign rules, and highly detailed 28mm miniatures.

Gangs of Rome is a brutal gang-fight skirmish game set in the Eternal City. Players fight for territory in the streets and alleyways of Rome, carving out their own territories while trying to eliminate their opponents. With a mix of strategy and savagery, players can gain power and influence to rise up the ranks and change the course of history.

The new version 2 rulebook features new core, advanced and campaign rules, as well as double-sided full-colour printed MDF tokens. The current miniatures are compatible with the new rules, but new miniatures will be unlocked as stretch goals are met. Backers can add these new miniatures as add-ons to their pledge to help make this happen.

As a Kickstarter special, the veteran gang leader Priscus Brutus was made available for free for the first 24 hours. The last backer to qualify was #511, but fans can still add Priscus Brutus to their pledge for £5. This miniature won’t be released after the Kickstarter, so fans are encouraged to act fast.

Gangs of Rome is inspired by the history of the city, where the elite deployed well-organized gangs to do their bidding. With the promise of wealth and glory, these fighters can aid players in their plan to rise to the Senate of Rome. With a position of influence, players can equip their gang and advance their interests while confounding their foes.

The Gangs of Rome version 2 rulebook is a full-colour guide that takes players through the rules of the game section by section, with clear explanations where needed. It provides everything needed to play the game and promises to be a thrilling addition to any tabletop gaming collection.

With 12 days left to go, there’s still time to back the campaign and help make this exciting new version a reality. Welcome to Rome, Dominus!