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Celebrate 40 Years of Warhammer with an Exclusive New Miniature on Warhammer Day

Celebrate 40 Years of Warhammer with an Exclusive New Miniature on Warhammer Day

Mark Your Calendars for Warhammer Day on October 14.

Warhammer Day, an annual global celebration of what many consider the best hobby in the world, is fast approaching. This year, the event falls on the 14th of October and holds special significance as it marks the 40th anniversary of the Warhammer franchise.

Keeping up with tradition, Warhammer Day will feature the release of an exclusive commemorative miniature, aptly named “The Ancestors’ Wrath.” This special Einhyr Champion stands at ease but exudes a sense of readiness. The figure bears a distinctive stag crest on its armor, mirrored by a motif on its shield. Adding to the customization options, “The Ancestors’ Wrath” comes with a choice of three different heads—helmeted, lifted visor, and bare.

In a surprising turn, the miniature also marks the return of the Leagues of Votann—a faction that dates back to the earliest days of Warhammer 40,000. After a long hiatus, they’ve returned to stake their claim on valuable galactic resources, all in a bid to protect their Ancestor Cores.

As if a commemorative miniature and a trip down memory lane weren’t enough, Warhammer Day will also feature previews of upcoming releases. A glimpse into the future of the Warhammer universe will be unveiled, showcasing exciting new miniatures that fans will not want to miss.

“The Ancestors’ Wrath” will be available for pre-order shortly. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned to the Warhammer Community for further details and announcements in the lead-up to Warhammer Day.