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WizKids Posts HerClix 2023 Rules Update #2

WizKids Posts HerClix 2023 Rules Update #2

WizKids is updating HeroClix for this year and they’re posting various articles to let you know what’s changing. In this one, we get a look at maps, the place where your teams fight it out for dominance. How are they changing? What’s the philosophy behind them? Get a look in this article.

From the article:

As previously discussed, starting with the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man Beyond Amazing set we’ll be implementing a number of rules changes mostly focused on making terrain a more dynamic aspect of the game. In today’s article, we will communicate how this will affect map design going forward. In broad strokes, the changes to map design are:

  •    Less Symmetrical Maps
  •    Less Terrain Clutter
  •    A More Action-Focused Map Size