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Fantasy Flight Launches Play and Share Campaign

Fantasy Flight Launches Play and Share Campaign

Let’s face it. Except for possibly, “finally sit down and paint some minis,” most of our gaming goals for the year have gone soaring out the window as the quarantine continues on. Fantasy Flight Games is looking to help, though, by creating a place for people to gather and talk about games, which is something most of us love to do. They’ve launched their Play and Share campaign, and you can even get cool Organized Play prizes for participating.

From the article:

Let’s face it, quarantine sucks.

We all know that social distancing is necessary and keeps everyone safe, but we also miss our friends, family, and social interaction in general. As the weeks pass into months and most Organized Play events are canceled, postponed, or on hiatus, we all need some sort of interaction and engagement to keep us from going stir-crazy. Fortunately, OP is here to provide just that.

In order to help stop you from melting into a puddle of monotony, FFG Organized Play is proud to announce the birth of the Play-and-Share Campaign! Now, even though you may not be meeting up at game stores or attending large tournaments, you can still engage with your fellow gamers by sharing experiences on social media. The best part? OP’s got some prizes for everyone, and the more people participate, the more prizes will be unlocked! More on that below.

The Play-and-Share Campaign is FFG Organized Play’s way of creating a sort of “online gaming space” for players to “gather” and share their tabletop gaming stories. These can be any sort of story. Did you teach your little brother or sister how to play KeyForge? Tell us! Did you and your friends barely scrape through a challenging Arkham Horror scenario? We want to hear it! Did your cat fall asleep on your collection of Legend of the Five Rings playmats? Show us a picture! So long as it has something to do with FFG and/or one of its games, we would love for you to share your experiences.

So, how exactly do you share these experiences? Well, immediately after this article is published, the hashtag #FFGPlayAndShare will go live on OP’s social media accounts. All you have to do is use that hashtag while sharing your experience on Facebook or Twitter, and you’re a Play-and-Share participant. Jump right in and share those stories—we’re eager to hear from all of you!

What Are the Rules?

To take part in the campaign, anyone who wants to share an FFG experience can upload a story, some photos, or a video (if they so choose) to their Facebook or Twitter account and include #FFGPlayAndShare in their post.

That’s it! Well, there are some additional guidelines (which we’ve listed below), but it’s all pretty straightforward:

  • Each post should include an anecdote, one or more photos, or a short video of the experience—you have to have something to share, after all.
  • Each post should also include the name of the game being played, including what expansion/set is being used (if applicable)—FFG has a massive catalog, and not everyone knows every game by heart. If you have a game you love, tell people about it!
  • The language and contents of each post should be relatively family-friendly—keep it PG, everyone!
  • The shared experiences should involve Fantasy Flight Games or one of its products—remember, this is the FFG Play-and-Share Campaign.
  • There is no limit to how many times you can share, so long as each post is about a different memory.