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Portal Games Announces the Introduction of Area Control Mechanism in 51st State Expansion

Portal Games Announces the Introduction of Area Control Mechanism in 51st State Expansion

Portal Games has announced a significant expansion to Ignacy Trzewiczek’s popular strategy card game, 51st State. The new expansion titled “No Man’s Land” brings the intriguing mechanism of area control into play, elevating the strategic depth of the game.

The narrative of the game takes a fresh turn, bringing players to a final outpost in a world teetering on the brink. As players gather their trusted allies and decipher a map, the challenge lies in finding if the final outpost still stands amidst the chaos.

The No Man’s Land expansion introduces an area control experience to 51st State. Players have the opportunity to build their outposts on a shared map, develop them to access better goods and boost their defenses. A significant new feature is that once players are removed from the map, they can only depend on their State.

The expansion adds to the game’s components with nine Terrain cards that make up the map where the battle for domination between players unfolds. The addition of Outposts allows players to construct and develop their territories to gain access to the most profitable areas.

Portal Games has also introduced new solo rules in the expansion, allowing players to explore how the outpost rules influence the solo mode in 51st State.

“No Man’s Land State Pack takes the intense strategy of 51st State and adds an exciting dimension of area control to it. Players must be tactical and guard their Outposts diligently. The threat of being removed from the map adds a thrilling new challenge,” the game publisher stated.

The No Man’s Land expansion is currently available for pre-order at $16.00, with shipping dates to be announced. In line with Portal Games’ policy, any in-stock items purchased with pre-ordered items will be held until all items can be shipped together.