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Join the Mech Battle for World Domination in ‘Ahotnik’ – On Kickstarter Now

Join the Mech Battle for World Domination in ‘Ahotnik’ – On Kickstarter Now

Ahotnik a new mech-based, semi-cooperative board game, is now on Kickstarter. Set in a dark future, the game unfolds in a world where nations combat each other and giant demons to gain dominion. As of now, the campaign has accumulated $29,944 in pledges, coming closer to its $37,688 goal, with 160 backers and 18 days left to go.

In Ahotnik players pair up to pilot giant robots, known as “Ahotniks” or “OXOs,” each with a unique designation of “OXO-##.” The main goal is to be the first team to eliminate a rival Ahotnik. However, while engaging in their battles, otherworldly creatures, known as “Demons,” emerge from mysterious portals, threatening to wreak havoc on Earth and destroy the Ahotniks.

Players must thus strategize and battle on two fronts: combating rival nations and warding off the ominous demon threat. But, the game warns, the thirst for power should not lead to total global annihilation.

A single game of Ahotnik spans a series of rounds, each divided into four distinct phases:

  1. Pilot Phase: Players, in their pilot pairs, utilize their Action tiles to transmit cerebral commands to the Ahotnik. The success of their maneuvers heavily depends on their synchrony level.
  2. Ahotnik Phase: The giant robots operate based on the pilots’ planned actions. In sequence, the OXOs execute tactical actions, movement actions, and attack actions. These actions can have a range of offensive, defensive, or strategic effects.
  3. Demon Phase: This phase welcomes incoming threats, where the Demons take their turn. The Radar also signals any new Portals that open, consequently raising the Global Threat Level.
  4. Recovery Phase: Some game elements are restored, paving the way for a new round to commence.

The rounds continue until a rival Ahotnik is defeated by an OXO or a Demon, ultimately determining who achieves total dominion of the planet.