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Plaid Hat Games Releases Forgotten Waters DLC Pack 1

Plaid Hat Games Releases Forgotten Waters DLC Pack 1

You’ve not forgotten about Forgotten Waters, have you? The game from Plaid Hat where you become a high season buccaneer in search of adventure? Well, hopefully you haven’t anyway, but even if you have, Plaid Hat is putting it back on the horizon with the release of their DLC Pack #1 for it.

From the article:

Gather your favorite crew members and head back to the seas, ‘cause it’s time fer a new pirate-flavored adventure!

Cap’n Lory ain’t got experience or smarts, but that ain’t gonna stop him from bein’ the greatest, most legendary pirate who ever sailed the seas! And he’s got the perfect plan to do it too: sail through a never-endin’ storm and rip a magical eye out o’ Hellmaw, the legendary kraken who lives there. As a member o’ the senior crew, you get to help the captain on this treacherous mission. Lucky you! Sure, some folk would shy away from such a task, but with Lory’s leadership, nothin’ could go wrong! If only Spooky Jed would stop goin’ on about the end o’ the world. Oh, no matter! It’s probably nothin’!