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Games Workshop Previews Corpse Harvesters for Necromunda

Games Workshop Previews Corpse Harvesters for Necromunda

Wars produce casualties. That’s just kinda how it goes. But just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you stop being worth something to your gang in Necromunda. The Corpse Harvesters are there to make sure your body gets recycled into something useful. Check out these ghoulish minis in this preview.

From the article:

Fighting an endless gang war over the underhive and across the ash wastes is guaranteed to work up an appetite. There’s no way the members of House Goliath can maintain that much mass without constant doses of protein – and the occasional pre-packaged sandwich from a Promethium Refuelling Station just won’t cut it.

That’s why everyone on Necromunda absolutely loves heaped servings of delicious corpse-starch – at least, according to the corpse-starch marketing board. This morbid ambrosia doesn’t grow on trees,* and that’s where the Corpse Guild makes its bacon. Er, figuratively speaking.