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Games Workshop Posts New Necromunda Scenario

Games Workshop Posts New Necromunda Scenario

Games Workshop has a monthly article where you get new stuff for Necromunda. This time around, it’s got some lore, but it’s also got a new scenario for you to try out. Sure, getting gunk might not seem that important, but you’re not really in the know in the gangs, man.

From the article:

Last month, the mysterious members of House Delaque and their psychic abominations were the focus of the Apocrypha Necromunda. Now it’s the turn of House Goliath who’ve got involved in some underhive sibling rivalry.

Each month Apocrypha Necromunda features new lore, rules, and scenarios for getting more out of your gangs and games. Here’s Owen Barnes from the Necromunda team to take us through the latest free download.

Owen: This month, we delve down into the underhive of Hive Primus and find ourselves in the outlaw settlement of Two Tunnels, which is run by the criminal duo Vunder and Gaen Gorvos.

In an ongoing feud with his sister, Vunder – self-proclaimed royalty of the underhive – has lured the Goliath Axon Hammer to Two Tunnels with a promise of fame, fortune, and all the gunk he can carry. Understandably, Gaen the Gunk Queen and her outcast gang have something to say about this, setting the scene for an epic showdown between the twins on the streets of Two Tunnels!

In addition to a brand new scenario, ‘Two Tunnels Showdown’, there’s a collection of new rules, including Goliath gene-smithing upgrades for Axon and his fighters,* guidelines on how to create Gaen Gorvos and her outcast gang, and new actions for Propagandists and Agitators – employed by both sides in their war of words (before their actual war involving bullets!)