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Gate Keeper Games & Dice Launches Festive “Holidice” Collection on Kickstarter

Gate Keeper Games & Dice Launches Festive “Holidice” Collection on Kickstarter

Celebrating the Season with Unique Christmas Dice Sets

Gate Keeper Games & Dice has introduced their 5th Annual Christmas Dice Collection, “Winter Inclusion Holidice,” currently available on Kickstarter. The collection has already surpassed its funding goal of $4,000, raising over $15,000 with 279 backers and 8 days remaining in the campaign.

A Trio of Themed Dice Sets

This year’s collection features three distinct sets, each designed in the popular Inclusion Dice style with custom-made items inside the dice. The sets include:

  1. Snowfall Set: Featuring a beautifully suspended snowflake in each die, complemented by holographic micro-snow glitter. This set celebrates the wonder of snowflakes and is dedicated to “Our Lady of the Snows.”
  2. Christmas Lights Set: This set showcases Christmas light bulbs in various colors, with alternating red and green glitter. It reflects the joy of holiday lights and the spirit of being the “Light of the World.”
  3. Hot Cocoa Set: Designed to warm the heart, each die in this set includes a hand-painted hot cocoa mug with latte art-style froth. This set honors the comfort of hot beverages during the holiday season.

Artistic Design and Symbolism

Each set in the collection is filled with thematic and cultural symbols. From the snowflake icon on the d6 and d20 in the Snowfall set to the Christmas tree icon in the Christmas Lights set, and the mug-wrapped-in-a-scarf image in the Hot Cocoa set, every detail has been carefully crafted. These dice are not only gaming accessories but also embody the spirit and joy of the Christmas and Hanukkah season.

Gifting Ideas and Joyful Thoughts

The creators of the “Winter Inclusion Holidice” have provided thoughtful gifting ideas for each set, imagining them being discovered in stockings, hanging on Christmas trees, or in mugs on Christmas morning. Each set comes with a message of joy, warmth, and enlightenment, reflecting the deeper meanings of the holiday season.

A Community Effort

Gate Keeper Games & Dice emphasizes the need for community support to bring these dice to life. The Kickstarter campaign enables the creation, freight, and fast shipping of these unique dice sets.

With their festive designs and heartfelt themes, the “Winter Inclusion Holidice” sets are poised to bring joy and warmth to gaming tables and holiday celebrations alike. The Kickstarter campaign ends on December 8, offering backers a chance to be part of this delightful holiday project.