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Subversion: A New RPG Where Community, Direct Action, and Hope for the Future Collide

Subversion: A New RPG Where Community, Direct Action, and Hope for the Future Collide

Fragging Unicorns Games’ latest offering, Subversion, has already reached its funding goal in record time. The cyberpunk fantasy RPG set in the sprawling megacity of Neo Babylon was 200% funded in just four hours and 32 minutes on Kickstarter.

The game features seven distinct species, each with their unique abilities, values, and goals, that players can choose from to represent their communities. It’s a game about direct action, revolution, and hope for the future against a world full of runaway technology, unchecked power, and dangerous secrets.

Subversion’s world is a blend of cyberpunk and fantasy elements, with magic, technology, and creatures living alongside each other. The setting is centered around the rival powers fighting for control in Neo Babylon, from the Ukkim council’s old magic and wealth to the corporations, guilds, and organized crime lords with their cybertech.

Players can customize their characters using the paradigm system, which allows for a wide variety of specialization options. Each character has values that drive their behavior, and community plays a crucial role in giving the player team direction and purpose.

Subversion also features a unique dice mechanic where players roll a number of d6 equal to their skill and keep the highest three, adding bonuses from their attributes and comparing the result to a target number. The game also includes downtime, where players can interact with their community, rest up, or engage in long-term projects that may not fit into the main action each session.

Subversion is an easy to learn, medium-complexity rule system designed to make storytelling fun and character advancement meaningful. The game aims to create an immersive experience that blends thrilling combat with the importance of relationships and community.

With its compelling mix of cyberpunk and fantasy elements, customizable characters, and immersive world-building, it’s no surprise that Subversion has already reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. Fragging Unicorns Games has created a game that’s worth checking out for RPG enthusiasts looking for a fresh and exciting experience.