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Osprey Publishing Releases “Pressure”: A New Industrial Sci-Fi Roleplaying Game

Osprey Publishing Releases “Pressure”: A New Industrial Sci-Fi Roleplaying Game

Embark on a Dark Adventure in the Far Reaches of Space

Osprey Publishing has announced the launch of “Pressure” a new game that promises to immerse players in a universe filled with danger and intrigue. Written by Jonathan Hicks and illustrated by Nathan J. Anderson, “Pressure” offers a rules-light, story-focused experience for science fiction enthusiasts.

A Glimpse into the World of Pressure

Set against a backdrop of humanity’s struggle for survival in a claustrophobic and fragile existence, both on Earth and in space, “Pressure” extends the narrative and gameplay of the “Those Dark Places” roleplaying game. It introduces players to the Special Operations Squads (SOS), a military-backed department dealing with the universe’s dark and dangerous corners.

The Role of the Players

As members of the SOS, players become highly skilled agents responsible for maintaining law and order across the galaxy. Their missions range from investigating corporate crimes, neutralizing rogue weapons research, negotiating with rebels on orbital stations, to confronting mysterious forces awakened by black-budget excavation teams in the Procyon Sector.

The Universe of Pressure

“Pressure” portrays a universe that is both hostile and unpredictable. Players will navigate the challenges of Hypercities and the Deep Black, facing powerful foes lurking in the shadows. The game equips players with the necessary tools, training, and resources, leaving them with the hope of overcoming these threats.

“Pressure: Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying” is now available in the UK and will be released in the US on January 9th. This standalone game is designed for those who love science fiction roleplaying and are looking for a game that emphasizes narrative and character development over complex mechanics.