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Ave Nox: The Ancient Megadungeon Unearthed on Kickstarter

Ave Nox: The Ancient Megadungeon Unearthed on Kickstarter

Ave Nox, a system-neutral megadungeon that promises to transport players into the depths of forgotten history and calamity is now on Kickstarter. Currently standing at $10,351 from a $7500 goal, Ave Nox has garnered the support of 243 backers and still has 29 days left in its campaign, ending on December 31.

The allure of Ave Nox lies in its rich narrative tapestry. The story, steeped in mystery and intrigue, centers around the Sun-King, a ruler whose benevolent promises lead to the downfall of an entire civilization. Players are invited to explore the eerie depths of this subterranean world, long sealed away and now brimming with the remnants of a bygone era. The game pitches players as sanctified archaeologists, opportunistic delvers, or despised grave-robbers, all drawn to a massive ruin that has recently come to light.

Ave Nox is more than just a dungeon; it’s a sprawling megastructure replete with ancient technology, enigmatic treasures, and remnants of the Sun-King’s once-mighty domain. The game boasts a 250+ room dungeon, meticulously designed to be both table-ready and referee-friendly. The system-neutral approach of the game ensures compatibility with most tabletop RPGs, making it a versatile addition to any gamer’s collection.

What sets Ave Nox apart are its unique features:

  • 19 distinct areas, each teeming with their own perils, features, and monsters.
  • Engaging mechanics dealing with the Restless Dead, Gas Leaks, Alarms, and Roving Characters.
  • A detailed history of the dungeon and its central figures.
  • Artwork fully illustrated by the talented Charles Ferguson-Avery and Alex Coggon.

Furthermore, the Kickstarter campaign promises enticing stretch goals. At $25,000, backers will receive Virtual Table-Top Assets, enhancing the online playing experience. A $35,000 goal unlocks the Iconoclasm Foil-Stamped Special Edition. The ambitious $50,000 target will see the creation of an exclusive Ave Nox Dungeon Soundtrack.