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Tales of the Valiant RPG Launches on Kickstarter in May 2023!

Tales of the Valiant RPG Launches on Kickstarter in May 2023!

The Tales of the Valiant RPG, previously known as Project Black Flag, is set to launch on Kickstarter in May 2023. The game builds on the Creative Commons foundation of 5th Edition while expanding on it with new options for players.

ToV rules will be available in two books: the Player’s Guide and Monster Vault. The Player’s Guide includes 13 base classes, lineages and heritages from classic fantasy roleplaying, and the rules you need to play or GM, all between two covers. The Monster Vault includes every dungeon-crawling and fire-belching fantasy creature you need to craft compelling fantasy encounters.

The team behind the game, Kobold Press, has been working with the growing 5E community to create an open, independent version of 5th Edition. The new Core Fantasy Roleplaying rules will form the basis for Tales of the Valiant, which will be available to everyone under an open, perpetual, and irrevocable license.

During development, Kickstarter backers will get an inside track with two additional sets of playtest material. This provides an excellent opportunity for players to give feedback on the game and help shape its development. Those who sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter launches will be among the first to know about it and become one of the Valiant.