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Midweek Snippets

Midweek Snippets

Hooray! A couple days in a row of feeling alright! Lately, that’s been a rather hit-or-miss type of thing, so if I can string a pair of days together, I’m gonna be thankful. I’m also thankful for some bite-sized gaming stories to nosh on. Let’s see what we have on the platter today.

3D Printable Basing Bits 2 Up On Kickstarter

3D Printable Basing Bits 2 is the sequel to my popular Basing Bits Project. I’ve made over 500 new bits ranging from plants, animals, terrain and more. The basing bits are perfect for both Sci-Fi and fantasy themed minis. All presupported and test printed in house to ensure quality and ease of use.

Kiss Time Dice Up On Kickstarter

We never forget about our hearts when we were sailing out at the first beginning, to constantly bring the coolest or most fascinating dice to your tabletop games. After more than one year of waiting and tempering our design and manufacturing process hundreds of times, we are fierily excited to present the polyhedral dice set-Kiss Time Dice to Kickstarter.

We drain the concept from the ancient Chinese B.C dynasty when they record the time in a significant solemn way, reminding people of the right time to do the right thing. Their life seems never chaotic but more like a rhythmic melody every day, repeatedly, featuring a picture of a peaceful and mysterious eastern kingdom. Our purely designed dices follow the pattern of their enlightened wit. They are glossing marvellously, waiting for your option, like a randomization destiny.

Handcrafted Dragon Egg Gemstone Dice Up On Kickstarter

We plan to use 8 different types of beautifully colored compressed synthetic stone that will leave a mysterious and fantasy feeling in each dice. We’ve decided to theme our Kickstarter dice around the idea that each dice is a stone-speckled dragon egg. The dice patterns have a main dragon color pressed in with a variety of other colourful and beautiful stone pieces to create a majestic and glamorous hue-splashed dragon egg effect. The dice are also copper lined creating a golden shine effect on some stones.

We have also chosen a fantasy themed custom number font that each dice side will be engraved with. Furthermore this is our first time to engrave with silver. We find it is not only striking but also enhances the depth and character of each dice.

Darkheim: The Reaper Miniature Up On Kickstarter

The grim dark gothic universe for your tabletop miniature gaming is here!!!!!!!

Build Your Own Adventure 3D Modular Models Up On Kickstarter

3D printable models for DnD and other RPG. Monsters and Characters featuring interchangeable options on magnets. Pre-supported STL.