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7TV Core Rulebook Kickstarter Brings Cinematic Skirmish Games to the Tabletop

7TV Core Rulebook Kickstarter Brings Cinematic Skirmish Games to the Tabletop

Crooked Dice Game Design Studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest project, the 7TV Core Rulebook, and it has already surpassed its funding goal of £15,000 by raising over £33,000 with 13 days left to go. The campaign ends on May 14.

The new hardback rulebook consolidates all the rules from the previous four boxed sets of the 7TV game, along with a set of full-color printed MDF tokens and templates and a deck of new profile cards. The studio is also hoping to unlock further stretch goals for new accessories and miniatures.

7TV is a miniatures skirmish game that allows players to recreate the action set pieces of their favorite movies and TV shows or invent entirely new productions on the tabletop. The game is designed to be a sandbox game, enabling players to pick from a huge range of cinematic archetypes to play any type of game, with any miniatures, in any setting.

The game is played in episodes, and players direct action set pieces rather than fighting battles. Each model is a cast member, with a ratings value to help balance the casts. Games are played using a script deck, prop cards, and plot points to make things even more interesting. If a player loses, their cast is not killed off, it is axed. They follow the script and use their props until the credits roll.

The new rulebook includes everything players need to recreate their favorite movie or show on the tabletop, including cast building, game rules, the effects department, advanced rules, episodes, and central casting.

In addition to the rulebook, backers can also add printed Tokens, Templates, and Profile Cards as add-ons to their pledges. The studio has also made the Legendary Director miniature available for free for the first 24 hours for all pledges of £60 or more.

Crooked Dice Game Design Studio has designed the new volume to be played with everyday gaming components to help gaming budgets, making it accessible to new players. The game is fast, flexible, and a lot of fun, with a tongue-in-cheek feel that doesn’t take itself too seriously.