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A Summer in Dungeon Town & Modular Delver Wagon Miniature” Nears Triple Its Funding Goal

A Summer in Dungeon Town & Modular Delver Wagon Miniature” Nears Triple Its Funding Goal

With 29 days still to go, the Kickstarter campaign for “A Summer in Dungeon Town & Modular Delver Wagon Miniature” has already garnered massive support, amassing an astonishing US$ 88,810 against a modest US$ 30,000 goal. With 487 backers and counting, the project promises a captivating three-month long adventure set in the Vinyotian academic settlement of Dungeon Town. But it’s not all books and academia; the town sits atop a maze of ever-changing labyrinths that house a looming, ominous force threatening to unravel reality itself.

Diving into Dungeon Town

The expansive campaign guide spans over 200 pages, bringing every nook and cranny of Dungeon Town to life. Developed in collaboration with Konstantinos Dimopoulos, a PhD scholar in urban geography, the setting is designed to be immersive and interactive. Each street and building is meticulously detailed, offering something to explore at every turn.

The campaign is a living, breathing entity, evolving as players progress through their sessions. It features new delver backgrounds, magic items, spells, and a range of rewards to keep the adventure engaging and rewarding. Whether you’re a veteran dungeon delver or a newcomer to the world of Beast World, “A Summer in Dungeon Town” offers something for everyone.

A Wagon Like No Other

The campaign’s second star is the Modular Delver Wagon Miniature, an innovative concept in tabletop gaming. This customizable, magnetic wagon is designed for both aesthetic appeal and utility. It comes with a myriad of options for customization, from rotational rooftop weapons to removable furniture, all designed to suit standard 28mm 5e miniatures.

The Delver Wagon also serves as a functional battle map. It’s marked with 5-foot squares on both its roof and floors, providing a convenient layout for combat scenarios. Various planned expansions for the wagon promise new weapon and defensive attachments, complex interior systems, and structural elements, further enhancing its adaptability.

Bonuses and Add-Ons

In addition to the main offerings, the Kickstarter campaign includes several exciting bonuses. The D-Town Map Stack provides an even more detailed view of Dungeon Town, right down to the neighborhood level. A Deck of Delvers 3 add-on promises a third entry in the popular Deck of Delvers series, and a Beast World Delve Journal is available for meticulous note-keeping during your adventures.