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Black Oak Workshop Unveils Polyhedral Dice Advent-ure Calendars 14-16 on Kickstarter

Black Oak Workshop Unveils Polyhedral Dice Advent-ure Calendars 14-16 on Kickstarter

Black Oak Workshop has launched its latest Kickstarter campaign, featuring the 2024 edition of its Polyhedral Dice Advent-ure Calendars, numbers 14 through 16. The campaign has already surpassed its funding goal of US$ 40,000, with contributions exceeding US$ 44,258 from 341 backers, and with 20 days remaining until its conclusion on March 25.

This year’s lineup introduces three new themes: Arcade Adventure, Dracula’s Castle, and Kaiju Christmas, each offering a unique set of custom polyhedral dice. The initiative aims to provide a range of options catering to different interests and holiday celebrations, with the inclusion of a Halloween-themed calendar and one not tied to any specific holiday.

Among the highlights of the campaign is an exclusive offer for early backers: a Kickstarter Exclusive Skeleton Key d2 for those who pledge within the first 48 hours. This special die, shaped like an old key and featuring a skull design, is an addition to any pledge and is not exclusive to any specific theme.

The Advent-ure Calendars each contain a variety of custom polyhedral dice, inspired by traditional advent calendars, designed to offer a surprise element with each day leading up to a holiday or event. The dice are said to feature new designs, larger sizes, and a mix of materials, including UV reactive dice. The calendars’ artwork, crafted by the Fraim Bros, adds a visual appeal to the packaging, enhancing the thematic experience.

Each calendar theme promises an engaging backdrop for the included dice:

  • Arcade Adventure transports backers to 1983, inviting them to navigate the challenges of the magical game Wizyrds & Warlox.
  • Dracula’s Castle sets a gothic scene for an encounter with the legendary Count Dracula, with dice that react to UV light.
  • Kaiju Christmas pits Mega-Claws against Mecha-Claus in a festive showdown, also featuring UV reactive dice.

The campaign emphasizes the exclusivity and collectibility of the dice, ensuring that each set features unique designs not available outside of the project. Furthermore, it maintains the tradition of not revealing the exact contents of the calendars to preserve the element of surprise for backers.